Is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Fivestones Church. Founded in April, 2011 this church has developed into a diverse congregation of people. Pastor Ryan and his wife Marsha have served together for 31 years and are the proud parents of two sons who serve with them in ministry.  It is a family ministry, with both daughter in laws and now 2 grandchildren serving along side.

Pastor Ryan is driven by an assignment from God to expand the Kingdom by going to new territories and planting churches and raising up leaders. Beginning as a young 21 year old church planter, his desire to demonstrate the power of the Kingdom through miracles, signs and wonders has not changed over the past 31 years of ministry.  His enthusiasm has fueled a ministry which that has allowed Pastor to share a positive, life-changing and Biblically based message with the world.

By embracing his apostolic assignment to expand the Kingdom, he serves as President of Vanguard Bible College and leads the Sycamore Network which equips, supports and covers ministers of the Gospel.  The hallmark of Pastor Ryan’s unique Spirit-filled ministry is his desire to see the Church arise and lead an awakening in the land.